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LK Therapies was set up to help individuals solve issues in their lives, accomplish goals, and overcome many fears, anxieties and traumas relating to the mind and body . Using Clinical Hypnotherapy alongside other combined healing and psychotherapeutic approaches, I can help with many problems experienced. From a calm and comfortable treatment space, and in complete confidence, I will guide you through a state of relaxation in order to help you take back control, heal and make the changes you want to see in your life. Get in touch through my booking form for further details.

Hypnotherapy can help with emotional and physical problems

You don't have to live with depression, anxiety or stress. Using Clinical Hypnotherapy with visualisations, you can enter into a deep state of relaxation and can feel more at peace within yourself.

I work quite a lot with helping people to heal from negative cultural conditioning that have caused a lot of problems for them. This has been rewarding for many of my clients who want to break free from their past that has held them back in life and be able to live with a happier state of mind.

Maintaining a healthy weight can be a lifelong struggle for many of us. I have worked with clients to help them find the willpower and determination to stick to their goals and achieve the weight loss they want. Whether you have a lot or a little to lose, the completely safe practice of guided hypnosis can give you the strength you need to persevere.

You don't have to live with a phobia or in fear anymore. Clinical hypnotherapy can help you overcome this and more. You will be able to feel a sense of empowerment and strength that comes from within you and can live anxiety free and stress free.

There are many problems that Hypnotherapy can help you with, from IBS, pain management, Insomnia and many many more. Please contact me to discuss how you I can help you now. 

Using a combination of CBT and NLP techniques that I use together with hypnotherapy and havening®, many problems we all face in life can be helped and healed in so many ways. 

I also use a combination of powerful psychosensory tools with other techniques that can help my clients heal from all sorts of conditions and the results have been outstanding and long lasting. This is a solution focused integrated therapy style that is tailored to every person with their own personal needs considered and always respected.

Live Life to the Fullest

Hypnotherapy is an effective, long-lasting way to take action on your problems, however they choose to manifest themselves. I will guide you through the process and suggest supplementary lifestyle changes which will enhance your results and help you to remain problem-free. With the right support and in a safe place, I'll set you free from the that difficult cycle and help you live life to the full once more. My greatest desire is to help people heal from within and to support people to flourish in their lives.


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(R)I have suffered from insomnia & anxiety related problems and Clinical Hypnotherapy was suggested by a friend. Leena was recommended and after my first session I slept! She shared techniques that I now use and insomnia is no longer an issue for me.I have always been pretty sceptical about complementary therapy but Leena has changed my mind. She is informative, attentive and really wants to help alleviate the challenge you have. Thoroughly recommend you meet this lovely lady.

30 Jan 2020

(N)Leena was recommended by a close friend of mine, when i was going through a very difficult time in my life, where I was forever fighting with life and no matter how much I tried i could not see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

I did not know what to expect so when i first met Leena i was nervous and wary about talking about my problems to a stranger, but within minutes I found Leena to be very warm and welcoming. Not only she is non judgemental , she is professional and at the same time personable. Her hypnotherapy techniques and coaching helped me to feel relaxed and able to come to terms with my problems, giving me coping strategies. Her valuable time and help is second to none and i cannot thank her enough from the bottom of my heart.

30 Jan 2020

(A)Working with Leena helped to become more proactive and productive with my time. She used alot of talking therapy and I always left the session feeling so much for motivated and ready to spring into action. After just 1 months worth of sessions I applied for more jobs in a few weeks than I have previously had done in a year.

(P)I came to Leena with anxiety symptoms. I had no previous knowledge or experience of hypnotherapy or which hypnotherapist to go to. I was very fortunate to choose Leena as right from the outset she proved to be very friendly and personable.  She put me at ease quickly and I felt comfortable with sharing my issues.  She explained clearly what the sessions were all about and what I could achieve.  With this understanding I found it very easy to relax and get the most from the time I spent with her.  I have no hesitation in saying that the improvements I have seen in myself have come about as a direct result of my sessions with her, and I would recommend her to anyone who has problems with anxiety.

30 Jan 2020

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Mit C

26 June 2024

26 June


I contacted Leena earlier this year during a challenging time when I felt alone and extremely emotional about my experiences. Leena made me feel very comfortabl...
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Tiffany Olgun

19 April 2024

19 April


I was having trouble stepping onto an airplane and worked with Leena to address the fear of getting on and waiting for takeoff. We did two sessions and I was ab...
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